Re FATAL ERROR: link missing in bsTreeBreakComment

Richard Durbin rd at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Tue Jul 26 13:21:22 EST 1994

This looks like a defect in the binary database.  For some reason you
can not store a very long piece of text (data type Text, not class
?Text) that had to be split across multiple disk blocks.  I have not
seen this crash before.  I just looked at the code and can't see the

It seems that this code can only be called when storing an edited
object, if you have write access.  Did you edit some objects before
doing the dump?  Do you get the crash if you dump without write
access?  Do you get the crash if you try to save without dumping?  Can
you produce an ace file with a minimal example that you can read into
an empty database and provoked the crash?  If so please send it to me
and/or Jean.

If you can find out which object is being saved when the crash occurs
then you can create a keyset containing that object, and with write
access save it in the database as a named keyset with name
"DoNotDump".  Any objects in that keyset will be skipped when dumping.


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