ACeDB internal code question

Alex Bui buia at soda.berkeley.edu
Mon Jul 11 17:52:31 EST 1994

     Hello again! Thanks for all the responsees about
renaming in ACeDB...I have another related question,
however.  I am actually working with the ACeDB code,
and want to do an object rename while in the middle
of processing something.  To that end, I can actually
output a file with the "-R <object>:<old name> <new name>"
line...but what *code* inside of the program do I
call to do a parse of this file? I would assume
it would be come in parse.c or bssubs.c, but I'm not sure.
What I would like to do is be able to pass on a file handle
or filename, and have the system parse the line.

     I've also tired sending the -R line directly 
through to parseBuffer...but I'm not sure that this is
right.  Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

					Alex Bui
					UC Berkeley

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