database size?

Paul Brunk pbrunk at dogwood.botany.uga.edu
Tue Dec 20 14:55:07 EST 1994

Hi all:

I'm working on getting a huge chunk of data into .ace format.  The
ace file is likely to be at least 20 MB, and there's plenty more data
where that came from.  Does the acedb code imply a theoretical limit
to the size of the databae (blocks1.wrm)?  (I imagine changing a few
variable values would fix this.)  Perhaps more relevantly, have people
encountered practical limits on database size when it comes to
actually running the thing?  We have a SPARCstation 20 with 32 MB RAM,
but everything has its limits.


Paul Brunk, ancillary staff
University of Georgia Botany Department
pbrunk at dogwood.botany.uga.edu

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