Ace GUIs -- model and data files

Sergey Petrov ptv at druid.epm.ornl.gov
Fri Dec 16 14:51:20 EST 1994

In article 94Dec14131132 at central.cis.upenn.edu, susan at central.cis.upenn.edu (Susan Davidson) writes:
>I am interested in this because we are looking at translating data
>"into" and "out of Ace" format.  Getting data "out of" Ace format is
>useful for integrating data from Acedb databases with data from other
>sources, such as relational and ASN.1.  Getting data "into" Ace format
>will allow us to use the great user interfaces that have been
>developed in connection with Ace and still maintain the data in our
>own local databases.
>If you are familiar with this part of Ace, or know of a document and
>its source that would be helpful, please let me know.
>Susan Davidson
We did it to for a Sybase database: a script produces a report in .ace format.
Weak point: you need to reload ACE any time data changed.
Please, let me know if you (or anybody) are interested in this stuff:
Ill be glad to send all information I have

To export data from ACE, one needs to process .ace file (e.g., simple awk) and
bcp it into Sybase. A simple but cumbersome process.

The tricky point is to design compatible ACE and Sybase DBs....

Sergey Petrov

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