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Thu Dec 15 02:11:09 EST 1994

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> .. some stuff deleted ..

>There are many "tags" of the models that can not be changed and that
>data must be associated before the displays will work. For example Map
>must be set for a Locus for the genetic maps to display that locus.  A
>list of these "magic" tags was prepared at the last ACEDB workshop,
>some one on the list probably has it.

Some of this is available in AboutDB, the ACEDB database: Check out
the class TagInfo for information on specific tags. The help is a
bit scanty (non-existent, really) but changing tags that are used in
the code (have the tag SourceCode in AboutDB) should maybe be
avoided. Lots of experimentation recommended!

Unfortunately querying in TagInfo class doesn't work (and also you cannot
display the model), probably because of a lingering bug in the web server.

AboutDB is available through the web at URL:


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