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DARA A. COOK cook33 at futures.wharton.upenn.edu
Mon Dec 5 16:37:10 EST 1994

	We are University of Pennsylvania students 
doing a marketing project for electronic books and 
would appreciate if you would take a few minutes 
to read the following short description
 and answer the following questions.  


	A pocket-sized electronic book allows you to  search and 
retrieve instant information.  It is available in two different 
versions: Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Holy Bible King James Version.  
On the back of each electronic dictionary or Bible, there is
an open slot to insert an additional cartridge.  
Adding an additional cartridge allows you to  search and retrieve 
instant information from two books at the same time.    For  example, 
If you are  reading a passage from the electronic Bible and you found
a word confusing, you can find the meaning of that word by inserting 
the dictionary cartridge into the back of the electronic Bible.  
 There are many cartridge titles to choose from, including food guides, 
games, encyclopedias, medical manuals as well as
a host of other titles.  The prices of the cartridges range from $20 
to $60 each.  The pocket-sized electronic book is portable, 
convenient and easy to use.   

What do you think about this concept?

How much do you think it costs?

Would you purchase it this price? 

Where would you find it?

How would you use it in your everyday life? 

Think about the last time you needed to correctly 
spell a word, find a definition or synonym, or pronounce
a word. How did you get the information?

What, if any, are other products that you would 
use instead of this 
electronic book ?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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