Geoff Hughes glh at acpub.duke.edu
Thu Dec 1 13:44:52 EST 1994

Hello again everybody-

Its been a year since I had the pleasure of working with acedb, and now I
am hoping I can use it at my new job. If anyone knows of a source code that
will run on HPUX, or if the standard version will run on HPUX, I would greatly
appreciate hearing about it.

Please don't post or email as this is an account due to expire in a few days.
If anyone is feeling particularly friendly, please call me  at (919)406-1669.
This is a North Carolina phone number. 

Thanks in advance,

Geoff Hughes
System Administrator
Compuchem Environmental Corporation
3306 Chapel Hill/Nelson Hwy PO box 14998
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-4998


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