date and time comparision in ACEDB

Detlef Wolf D.Wolf at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Wed Aug 31 07:33:20 EST 1994

I tried the dateType in queries, but think it is not parsed
Using ACEDB 3.3 code from ncbi as of 94-07-30
compiled on an SGI.

the model:
?Locus  GDB Name              UNIQUE Text
            Add_date          UNIQUE DateType
            Modification_date UNIQUE DateType

the data:
// data dumped from keyset display

Locus : "1"
Name	 "test"
Add_date	1994-08-31_00:00:00
Modification_date	1994-08-30_00:00:00

the queries:
>?Locus Add_date < "1994-09-30_00:00:00"
>?Locus Add_date < 1994-09-30_00:00:00
>?Locus Add_date = 1994-08-31_00:00:00
>?Locus Add_date = "1994-08-31_00:00:00"
>?Locus Add_date = "1*"

none of the queries retrieves the locus.

Did anyone get it working?

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