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Mike Cherry cherry at stout.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 29 22:42:58 EST 1994

In article <9408290838.AA07585 at nihs.nihs.go.jp>,
Takako Igarashi <taka at nihs.nihs.go.jp> wrote:
>I would like to know how to display "gif files" from ACEDB.  
>Does anyone know any appropriate program ? 
>Thank you for your attention of this question.

You can use the Pick_me_to_call facility. In your models file add the
following within the class you want to contain the reference to the

	Pick_me_to_call  UNIQUE Text UNIQUE Text

Then in the info in the ace file like this example from AAtDB:

Image : "1a5"
Locus  "1a5"
Autorad        "1a5"
Caption        "Photo by Nottingham Stock Centre"
Pick_me_to_call        "xv" "1A5.gif"

The first Text item is the name of the graphic viewer and the second
is the filename of the image. When the Pick_me_to_call is clicked, in
the above example, on twice xace will do the following via a system call:

cd $ACEDB/externalFiles; xv 1A5.gif

You should be able to use a different viewer, but I have only used xv
for GIF images on UNIX. You can get a copy of xv version 2.x from
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov in repository/acedb or weeds.mgh.harvard.edu in


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