ACEDB 95 Conference v. Workshop distinctions

John McCarthy mccarthy at UX5.LBL.GOV
Tue Aug 9 08:46:01 EST 1994

After sending out the questionnaire yesterday, I realized it probably should 
have been accompanied by an explanation of the distinction between a three day 
conference and a two week workshop (aside from time).  

As originally promoted by Jean and exemplified in this year's Montpellier 
workshop, a two week workshop ideally should let people collaborate on various 
types of ACEDB work, including:
- database curators building, revising, and augmenting individual databases;
- programmers working on various display and analysis modules;
- system developers working on kernal enhancements;
- other people working on related tools, scripts, etc.
- writers working on development of different types of documentation;
- discussion of possible future enhancements;
- tutorials in ACEDB programming, style, etc.
The two week format allows sufficient time for  productive work.
We can undoubtedly improve on the details, especially for database curators.

I think a three day conference would be a more standard sort of thing, with 
talks on new features, introductory tutorials, round-table discussions, etc.
Three days is too short a time to expect to get much actual work done.

Unfortunately, Asilomar is not available for two week periods except in 
December/January, so we are investigating other possible locations.
Other suggestions would be welcome.


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