ACEDB 95 Conference and Workshop

John L. McCarthy mccarthy at UX5.LBL.GOV
Mon Aug 8 21:19:33 EST 1994

8 August 1994

TO: Potential Participants for ACEDB 95 Conference and Workshop

FR: John McCarthy, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

RE: Time, Place, Format, etc.
At the very successful ACEDB 94 Workshop last month in Montpellier, LBL was 
asked to help arrange next year's Workshop in California.  In order to begin 
this planning effort, I'd like to learn who might want to attend, and what 
preferences you might have as to dates, location, and meeting format, even 
though we may be constrained by site availability and other factors.

We are also exploring the possibility of getting financial support from DoE, 
NIH, NSF, USDA, and the European Community to help offset some of our costs, 
including scholarships and some travel support.

Could you please fill out the brief questionnaire below and return it to me as 
soon as possible? (this week would be best, if you're not on vacation).
If more than one person from your organization would like to attend,
please get each person to fill out and return a separate questionnaire.


To: jlmccarthy at lbl.gov
Subject: ACEDB 95 Conference and Workshop

Please fill out information following colons (:) and put X's in brackets [X]




The 1992 and 1993 ACEDB Conferences were three days long.  This year, 1994, 
the ACEDB Workshop was two weeks long, modeled on Physics workshops.  Some 
people have suggested that next year we might try to do both.  What would you 
prefer?  Please indicate one or both you would like to attend.

[ ] I would like to attend a three day ACEDB 95 Conference
[ ] I would like to attend a two week ACEDB 95 Workshop
[ ] Other (please specify):

[ ] the 2 week ACEDB Workshop should immediately follow the Conference
[ ] a 3 day ACEDB Conference should be held at another time of year

Conference  Time Comments: 

The 1992 Conference was held in May; the 1993 Conference was in August; and 
this year's workshop was the first two weeks of July.  In 1995, the Cold 
Spring Harbor meetings will be the second week of May , and the Hilton Head 
meeting is scheduled for September 16-20.  Would people like to have the ACEDB 
Workshop close to one of those meetings or at some other time?

[ ] following Cold Spring Harbor meeting in mid May
[ ] June
[ ] July
[ ] August
[ ] September, prior to Hilton Head meeting
[ ] September, following Hilton Head meeting

Date Comments:

In 1992 our Conference was in Cambridge, in 1993 in Boston, and this year in a 
small village outside Montpellier.  What would you prefer for 1995?
(you can indicate 1,2,3 for first, second, and third choices if you wish)

[ ] Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
[ ] Stanford
[ ] Berkeley
[ ] San Francisco Peninsula (towards Stanford)
[ ] Marin County (north of San Francisco)
[ ] Monterey Bay area
[ ] Lake Tahoe
[ ] Other (please specify): 

We can probably save some money by sharing rooms.  What would you like?
(please check only one)

[ ] single room (even if it costs more)
[ ] willing to share with another person to save money
[ ] willing to share with more than one person to save more money

Housing Comments:

Please add anything else that might be relevant to scheduling a time and place 
for next year's meeting(s).

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