b.arnold at ic.ac.uk b.arnold at ic.ac.uk
Mon Aug 8 05:08:56 EST 1994

Hi there

Having got a copy of the ACEDB 3.3 code to compile and run I would like
to know how to use the columns control on the vertical map. 
Specifically, has the columns cotrol code been integrated into ACEBD 3.3
fully and what needs to be included in configuration files (models.wrm 
etc) as from what i can gather from the resume Simon sent to the ace94
group he (you) seems to say that the code allows columns to become objects,
if this is so, do they do this automatically or do they need to be told to
do this ?

At the moment, what i get when I run the system, what I get is a normal
VMAP display with no pointers/tips or anything indicating where,what or how
the columns control has been implemented or is usedand set up.

Hope the above makes some sense to you simon and anyone else out there who
may be able to help me.

thanks in advance

Benedict Arnold.

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