Maps in 3.3

kirbym at har-rbu.mrc.ac.uk kirbym at har-rbu.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Aug 4 13:00:29 EST 1994

Richard says:
>> You should be able to compile either a version 2 compatible binary or
>> a version 3 compatible binary from 3.3.  For version 2 define -DACEDB2
>> during compilation as in ALPHA_2_DEF, and use GMAP to display maps.
>> For version 3 define -DACEDB3, make abi, not xace, and use VMAP for
>> your maps.  i.e.  the version 3 GMAP has been renamed VMAP (vertical
>> map of any type) to avoid name clashes.  In a future version 4 it is
>> possible this will become MAP.  

Having tried "make abi" with the -DACEDB3 compiler option set
and changed the -GMAP flags in the options.wrm file to -VMAP,
it does not make any difference.  It still core dumps.

The problem (at least initially) appears to be some missing 
bsPushObjs where it should be finding the map locations.
Hence, I don't think it does produce a binary that is compatible
with version 3.

If anyone can suggest anything further I will try it.
If not, I shall wait for acedb4. 


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