Is acedb3.3 for acedb2 only??

kirbym at har-rbu.mrc.ac.uk kirbym at har-rbu.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Aug 4 10:11:28 EST 1994

Is acedb3.3 intended for acedb2 and acedb3 or is it meant to
combine both these codes into a single system?

I compiled acedb3.3 with the -DACEDB3 option but found my existing
models and data (for acedb3) caused a system crash and core dump
when a Map was picked for display.

The w7/gmapdisp.c code appears to find map positions based on
the models used for the acedb2 map display. There is no version
provided for acedb3 models which define positions differently.
That is, maps are generated in acedb3.3 (as in acedb2) with 
     Position  UNIQUE Map ?Map XREF Locus UNIQUE Float UNIQUE Float
rather than the acedb3 definition of
     Location  Map ?Map XREF Locus #map_location

As there are differences between the acedb3 and acedb3.3 versions
of gmapdisp.c this rules out using the older version of the file.

Incidentally this problem has picked up on an existing bug which was:
   If a map is defined (either explicitly or through XREF's)
   but has no data provided, it will cause a system crash when
   that map is selected.

email:  kirbym at har-rbu.mrc.ac.uk

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