Suzanna Lewis suzi at UX5.LBL.GOV
Mon Apr 18 16:44:17 EST 1994

Hi Jean,

I had a wee problem running a script transparently.  By transparently,
I mean running it as a cron job in the night.  Its one of those things
where 2 compounded errors ruins everything.

Somehow someone had left the privileges for "logfile" set without group
write access (mistake 1).

But deep inside messubs there lurks a rather rude and abrupt messcrash.
If logfile can't be opened for append or write the entire program dies.
This seems rather extreme, especially if its another piece of code on
the other end.  It's left without a clue that its partner has just met
sudden death.  I would propose that ace begin an alternative logfile or
simply note the fact that it couldn't write to the log (something a bit
more resilient).  I'd change it, but need to know your philosophy on
this first.


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