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Natalie Maltsev maltsev at mcs.anl.gov
Thu Apr 14 12:39:13 EST 1994

Dear reader: Please bring this notice to the attention of persons 
you think might wish to participate.

          Workshop on Integration of Biochemical Databases

                      June 8 - June 10, 1994
                        Pushchino, Russia

                  (Registration deadline May 12)

   We invite all interested researchers to visit this major center of
biomedical research in Russia and the former Soviet Union. The
workshop will give you the opportunity to informally discuss how to
integrate databases relevant to molecular biology and medicine.
Several leading biological database experts from outside Russia will
be present, and many interesting (and probably unfamiliar) Russian
database projects will be demonstrated by their representatives.

   The workshop will be hosted by Professor Evgeni E. Selkov and 
coworkers, and is arranged in part by Dr. Ross Overbeek et al. at 
Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, U.S.A.

   We have scheduled the following events:

o  Overview of EMP (Enzymes and Metabolic Pathways database). EMP  
   contains the encoding of the most important articles (approx. 
   10,000) describing enzymes, phylogenetically arranged. It also 
   contains in graphical form most of the known metabolic 
   pathways for all organisms. We consider EMP the world's leading 
   database of its kind. All participants will receive a free    
   academic copy of this database (see details below).

o  For the first time, a presentation of a broad selection of     
   Russian / FSU databases. There will be poster sessions and 
   demonstrations on PC computers. During this winter we have 
   collected brief descriptions and invited representatives from 
   the groups who created (in our judgment) the most interesting 
   of these. In Russia there exist substantial data collections  
   ranging from minor ones done by single experts to very large  
   collections of for example medicinal properties of compounds, 
   3D structural data, sequence data, culture collections, genetic  
   markers, tumor characteristics, regulatory sequences, and more.

o  Optional introductory course to general metabolism and related 
   computational issues.  This will be given prior to the workshop
   (June 5-7) by Professor Selkov.

   There will be no scheduled talks. We instead invite open 
discussion of topics of common interest, such as metabolism and 
enzymes, or phylogeny, alignments, compounds, motifs, and maps. If 
you wish to use or generate such integrated biological data, then 
please join us. 


                    Evgeni Selkov
                    Ross Overbeek   
                    Natalia Maltsev
                    Amos Bairoch
                    Nat Goodman
                    George Michaels
                    Harold Morowitz
                    Niels Larsen
                    Anthony Bonner
                    Terry Gaasterland
                    Pat Gillevet
                    Rick Stevens
                    Alexander Zamyatnin	

   The workshop is so far unsponsored, but we welcome interested 
sponsors. We need help with computer equipment and coverage of 
travel expenses for Russian participants.

Practical details
   Pushchino is a community of some 30,000 people located 100 km 
south of Moscow. The main acitivity is research. The area is 
generally safe. The water is not contaminated; the food is fresh 
and locally produced. You will be able at least to send electronic
   The registration fee is US $750 for the workshop if you plan to
attend the introductory course, $550 otherwise. The fee covers housing
(single hotel rooms), meals, and transportation to and from Moscow
International Airport. We accept Visa and MasterCard, or a check made
out in US$ and cashable within the United States. Upon payment of the
workshop fee, participants will be given a US $400 purchase credit for
EMP or an actual CD-ROM copy, if there is enough time before the
meeting. EMP will soon be generally available for $400 ($4000 for
commercial licenses). Registration after the deadline is possible if
you pay extra $100 and if there is enough time. 
   Participants need at least tourist visas, which are issued by the
nearest Russian consulate, and for which no invitation is needed. To
cover your expenses however, your institution may require a business
visa, which does require an invitation from the hosts; in that case,
please register as soon as possible.
   Please fill out the fields below; leave blank the fields that do
not apply. Your citizenship, date of birth and passport number is
needed only if you apply for a business visa. Please send this
information, so that we receive it before May 12, by regular mail,
fax, or electronic mail, to:

	Center for Professional Development
	Business Office, Mail Stop 3G3
	George Mason University
	Fairfax, VA 22030-4444

	Fax: 703-993-2112

        Electronic mail: overbeek at juju.mcs.anl.gov

Questions can be directed to either Ross Overbeek
(overbeek at mcs.anl.gov) or Mary Baroody at George Mason 
University (703-993-2090).


     First name:  
      Last name: 

  Research area:

  Date of birth:
Passport number:

   Tourist visa:
  Business visa:
 Street address:
    Postal code:

Electronic mail:

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    Visa Card #:
   MasterCard #:
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