Testing, found bug, wanna fix my way, ok?

Henry J. Cobb hcobb at fly2.berkeley.edu
Mon Apr 11 21:35:31 EST 1994

	Hi, I'm working on a Tcl parsing version of Acedb for scripting.
(See comp.lang.tcl).

	One of the things I'm using this for is to write standard tests of
Ace. (Someday you might be able to say "make tests" and your installation
will test itself against expected results).

	As I was going after an edge case, I found that:

		where {}

	will crash Ace.

	As the behaviour in this case was undefined, I'm not really
surprised. (This kind of stuff is what testing scripts are for, no?)

	So the way I propose that I will fix this, if it's not a big
headache for anybody, is to change the definition of braces in Ace to match
that of Tcl, that is, as stackable quotes.


	Henry J. Cobb hcobb at fly2.berkeley.edu, SFB Tyrant-for-life

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