Restriction Maps

Lisa Lorenzen lorenzen at MENDEL.AGRON.IASTATE.EDU
Mon Apr 11 10:45:03 EST 1994

Not too change the subject too much, but I concur
with Sam on the need for a restriction map display.
I have used the regular map display to "mock up"
restriction maps . . It works okay, but a "real"
display would be nice :-)

Lisa :-)

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I want to add one more thing to the idea of combining the band model
with a restriction map model:

people will probably want to show restriction map data on a gel
display. I am hoping we could enter this data only once instead of
twice, first to drive a restriction map display, and second to drive a
gel simulation.

I am assuming that someday there might be a restriction map display of
some kind, motivating people to enter "ordered" fragment data. It does
seem like a useful extension to physical maps.


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