memory leaks in ACEDB

Henry J. Cobb hcobb at fly2.berkeley.edu
Wed Apr 6 19:30:01 EST 1994

	Again, RATS!!

	I've been fingering the wrong objects!

	In objcache.c:cacheDestroy() the comment says it all:

    case 1 :  /* This cacheEntry has not been modified,
		 thus we can still use it next time */

	So the items that originally allocated the objects only did so
because they were at a "high water" mark in the program and the objects
that are holding the memory at program end are the real culprits.

	I'm gonna retest after chopping out the caching (for testing only).
	Henry J. Cobb hcobb at fly2.berkeley.edu, SFB Tyrant-for-life
	A "Bjorn again" programmer.

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