Dueling Spiders

Bradley K. Sherman bks at s27w007.pswfs.gov
Wed Apr 6 16:42:53 EST 1994

For those of you who are desparate for an HTML version of the 
ACEDB FAQ, there is a version at URL:
in addition to one at 

I am attempting to keep the HTML version and the plain text
versions congruent.  Undoubtedly I have introduced errors.
Please let me (or preferably acedbfaq at s27w007.pswfs.gov)
know about any problems.  Curators of ACEDB databases
should be especially concerned.  If you curate an 
ACEDB database, please send me a paragraph (formatted
as in the FAQ) if you are not currently included or
if there are errors.  Feel free to improvise tags
and add as many URL's as you like.  I will take care of
the HTML markup.

Be sure to check out Sam Cartinhour's excellent documentaion
at URL http://probe.nalusda.gov:8000/acedocs/index.html.


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