Lockup bug under Olwm.

Henry J. Cobb hcobb at fly2.berkeley.edu
Mon Apr 4 12:04:43 EST 1994

	I have a fix for the lockup bug under click-to-focus OLWM, but
you're not gonna like it...

	In wgraph/graphxt.c:YCreate() insert the following:

  XtSetArg(args[i], XtNiconName, graph->name); i++;
  XtSetArg(args[i], XtNiconic, True); i++;
  XtSetArg(args[i], XtNx, x ); i++;
	What happens is that each window is created iconic and then
deiconified when it's activated (as part of its creation).  The only
problem is that this becomes visually distracting (look ma, exploding
windows!) and the first two windows remain icons at program startup.
(Because our variant pops up the help window at startup for users
considered to be clueless, and this takes the activeness away from the
first two windows.  This would take just one extra round of window
activations to fix).

	IMNSHO it'd just be eaiser for most of the workstation users in the
universe (i.e. those with Suns) to switch to Motif (as they will be forced
to do anyway. ;-).
	Henry J. Cobb hcobb at fly2.berkeley.edu, SFB Tyrant-for-life
	A "Bjorn again" programmer.

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