new utilities in the ACEDB Developers Archive

Dave Matthews matthews at GREENGENES.CIT.CORNELL.EDU
Sun Oct 10 16:12:07 EST 1993

In response to 'some gentle prodding', I put a couple of short scripts I've
been using into weeds.mgh.harvard.edu:~ftp/acedb_dev/utilities.

"gopherize" is for automatically dumping selected classes from an ACeDB
database and waisindexing the resulting .ace-format files.
Optionally (subcommand "new") it creates a menu link for your Gopher server.

"mapm2ace" converts output from the Mapmaker 'map' or 'print chromosomes'
command to .ace ?Locus records.

Somewhere I read that the Archive's utilities directory was supposed to
contain programs for converting data into .ace format.  I hope people will
also continue to add utilities that, like gopherize, ace2nal and sortpmap, do
useful exports as well.  HTML generators?  Email servers?  

- Dave Matthews

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