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Mike Cherry cherry at STOUT.STANFORD.EDU
Sun Oct 10 12:52:39 EST 1993

Time for some subtle prodding.

At the ACEDB Workshop in Boston it was agreed that everyone would
donate copies of their models files to the developers archive. To date
only three sets of models have been provided: ACeDB, MycDB and AAtDB.
These are generally just a compressed tar file of the entire wspec

People also expressed an interest in having an archive of utilities
available. So far we have scripts and C code provided by Donn Davy,
Staffan Bergh and myself. (Thanks Donn and Staffan.)

The documentation archive now has text of two papers and the notes of
the Workshop by John McCarthy. The papers are:

Dunham, I., Durbin, R., Mieg, J-T & Bentley, D.R. (1993) Physical
mapping projects and ACEDB, in Guide to Human Genome Computing. Ed.
Bishop, M.J.  (Academic Press) (review, in press).

Cherry, J.M. and Cartinhour, S.W. (1993) ACEDB, A tool for biological
information. in Automated DNA Sequencing and Analysis, edited by M.
Adams, C. Fields, and C. Venter. Academic Press (in press).

The names and addresses of all those attending the workshop in Boston
are also available in the workshop directory.

At the original ACEDB workshop everyone also agreed that an active
archive would be very useful. However nothing was ever submitted.  I
hope this same situation is not going to occur again. If there is a
desire for the archive to be useful please take action yourself.

You can ftp into weeds.mgh.harvard.edu and put files in the
acedb_dev/incoming directory. Please also include at least a short
readme file. If you like you can just tell me where information can be
obtained and I'll put it in the archive for you.


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