GenBank File Converters

Staffan Bergh staffan at biochem.kth.se
Mon Nov 8 03:38:29 EST 1993

In article <9311052042.AA20155 at fly2.berkeley.edu.maggot> gregg at FLY2.BERKELEY.EDU (Gregg Helt) writes:
>From Geoff Hughes:
>>Has anyone ported Mike Cherry's gb2ace.c program for VMS to a UNIX platform?
>>It would be extraordinarily helpful to our efforts.
>Hmm, well not exactly, but I've done some stuff that might be useful.
>I've been writing conversion code in Perl.  This language was basicly 
>designed to do just this kind of text manipulation/conversion, and I 
>much prefer it over C for dealing with text.
[ ... the rest of Gregg's message deleted ... ]

 I second Gregg on that point, perl is very easy to get running and
doing what you want...

 I've also written routines in perl for processing GenBank flatfiles
into .ace, or one routine rather. It takes a file of flatfile entries
and massages them into .ace, so Gregs seems a bit more flexible...

 There is an early, buggy(?), version available at
weeds at mgh.harvard.edu, if you want to have a look.


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