Color representation in ACEDB

John L. McCarthy jlmccarthy at lbl.gov
Sun Nov 7 10:02:40 EST 1993

Recent discussion of map displays reminds me of a more general issue --

ACEDB currently relies too much on color to indicate different types of
information in maps and other displays.  

Color can be very effective, but we should not be completely DEPENDENT on
color encoding.  Some people do not have color monitors on their
workstations.  Many do not have color printers easily at hand.

Thus it is important to be able to redundantly encode information in
typography, shape, thickness, and/or pattern -- as well as in color.  

The current ACEDB system attempts to make some mappings between different
colors and patterns, but the current mappings often fail to produce good
results.  Many colors yield patterns that hide labels on monochrome
displays and printers.

It probably would be best to try to rethink the use of consistent colors
and corresponding patterns throughout ACEDB, with the help of experts in
the areas of color, graphic computer interface design, X-Windows color and
pattern representation, Postscript color vs. pattern representation, etc.  

Are there any people with some of this expertise who we could get to

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