MappingTags Questions

John L. McCarthy jlmccarthy at lbl.gov
Sun Nov 7 09:57:46 EST 1993

Here are a couple of additional questions about Jean's proposed

  >RULE 1:
  >MappingTags, governing the Map package behaviour are always 2 up
  >from the actual objects.
What does this mean? Please give an example or two.
  >So far, i have defined this way: Contains, Inside, Outside
  >          i would consider Between, Does_Not_Contain
Please define what each of these means for another object.
"Contains" and "Does_Not_Contain" seem pretty clear.
"Inside" and "Outside" do not. Are they synonyms for "Inside" and
If not, how do they differ?  [I see Richard has some similar questions]
What kinds of display behaviors do you see for each of these?

  >e) As a side effect, you will note that the mappingTags are part of
  >the models but will not appear in the ace files. 
I need an example here too.  I see how Inside_YAC, Inside_Fragment, etc.
could be automatically generated, so they do not NEED to part of input .ace
.ace files. But once that happens, do you mean that you are going to
specify that they NOT be SAVED in .ace files? If so, how?

-John McCarthy

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