Yet another gateway test

Bradley K. Sherman bks at S27W007.PSWFS.GOV
Wed Nov 3 13:10:15 EST 1993

Sorry, for the noise.  I am once again testing to see
if items mailed to acedb at net.bio.net will eventually
appear in the Usenet conference biosci.software.acedb
as they are supposed to.

According to Kristofferson, et. al. this should
have been happening but was not.  I have been led
to believe that it fixed but I have seen no
traffic in the group.

If you're still reading this, I use an nntp news
reader rather than a subscription to the mailing
list.  I believe that articles in the conference
*are* making it to the mailing list.

If you're still there, I will be sending out an
enhanced FAQ in a few days, once I have determined
the status of the gateway.


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