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Mike Cherry cherry at genome.Stanford.EDU
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In article <1993Jun29.110507.1 at omrf.uokhsc.edu> barsteadr at omrf.uokhsc.edu writes:
>I recently read a note here saying the Carl Riches had a Solaris
>version of acedb.  The note has subsequently disappeared, so I can't
>reply to it directly.  I also saw Dr. Riches name in a README 
>file at the NCBI.  When I tried to retrieve it from 
>'cgrpoplar1.cfr.washington.edu', however, I couldn't find a server 
>that would recognize the address.  Others seem to be having the same 
>problem.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

The repository/acedb/README.SOLARIS file on ncbi.nlm.nih.gov says:
   This port was done by Carl g Riches

   it has not been tested by mieg/durbin who do not yet have access
   to a solaris but is ok as far as we know.


That should be: cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu

It is an address (an e-mail address) not a hostname. Also the binary
compressed tar file is on ncbi.nlm.nih.gov in the repository/acedb
directory and is called:


Note the last line of Jean's README.SOLARIS above.

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