Patrick Phillips patrick at wbar.uta.edu
Tue Jun 29 11:55:26 EST 1993

If anyone cares, I have ACEDB vers 1.9 running on my NeXTstation
TurboColor under coXist (these capitalization schemes are getting too  
complex).  Jean Thierry-Mieg told me at the worm meetings that he simply  
forgot to post the latest version for NeXT, but it is still not there.  If  
anyone needs it, let me know.

On similar note, NeXT has ported their operating system to IBM compatible  
486 machines (these need to be pretty high end in terms of memory and  
graphics capability).  This provides a nice platform for running ACEDB on  
a PC, *if* you want to have the other nice features of NEXTSTEP.   
Otherwise, there is always the free LINUX version.  You'll never get my  
NeXT away from me, however.

Patrick Phillips
Biology Department
University of Texas at Arlington
patrick at wbar.uta.edu
phil at decster.uta.edu

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