Summary: Macintosh version?

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Thu Jun 24 09:08:32 EST 1993

My question:  Will there be a Mac version of ACeDB software?


> From: Mike Cherry <CHERRY at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU>
> Probably. There is a lack of funding but a Macintosh version is wanted by
> everyone involved.
> No more specifics are available at this time.

> From: tim at eeg.com (Tim Stearns) 
> You might want to contact the yeast people at Stanford (Dr. David Botstein,
> Dir); they're trying out various packages on various platforms; one of 
> their thoughts was to build a Mac version of acedb, though they weren't
> overly enthusiastic about the idea, last I knew.

> From: baillie at sfu.ca
> Don there is a good cheap PC version, it runs under Linux and it's price
> is good (free).  It is available at ncbi.  The MAC version has specific
> code written for it and will always lag behind the Unix/PC version as
> the port is not direct.  The MAC version is also slow, as compared to the
> sparc or 33 mhz 486 PC version.  Running a MAC as an x-server seems to be
> a viable alternative, but MAC-x is slow, but it works fine.  The PC linux
> machines will also serve well as X-servers.  I think the problem with the
> Mac-X Openwindowss combination is best avoided by NOT upgrading the graphical
> system, except under threat of death!  
> 	I have found that most MAC uses acquire aCedb skills in about a day
> or two, if the database has information that they want retrieve.  Maybe you
> will find it easier to introduce when the fly version is available.  
> 	Have you considered using a different graphical front end, TWM or 
> motif, some of those are faster and more plesent that Openwindows.  They
> work fine with aCedb and require no tweaking to make them run with it.  
> 	I would stick with the generic Unix based aCedb version, as it is much
> closer to the developers and thus will recieve bug fixes, add-ons, and updates
> more easily.  
> dave baillie

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