Summary: Easier data installation?

Don Gilbert gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu
Thu Jun 24 09:10:21 EST 1993

> In article <C8pqrt.1Do at usenet.ucs.indiana.edu>, gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu (Don Gilbert) writes:
> >Is anyone giving thought to making data distribution and installation of
> >multiple data sets with acedb software easier on unix sys admins?  I would
> >like to keep acedb/aatdb/other data sets updated here, but my time is
> >spread thin and it takes time to fetch distribution sets, read instructions,
> >figure out proper symlinks and such to keep a couple of acedb/aatdb
> >sets running properly w/o lots of duplicated software.
The general answer here is that updating acedb data sets & software
is not hard nor time consuming.   I more or less knew that, but haven't
updated local ace data yet because as I said I haven't enough time
to do everything that people want me to.

Let me expand my belly-ache about time spent maintaining/updating
biology data (ace & non-ace) at local biocomputing centers & by
biologists without much computer expertise.  Would it be feasible for
acedb software to incorportate a homeserver-localserver-client scheme of
automatic network data retreival?   This is something perhaps like
Worm Community System envisioned (aside: I haven't seen any updates
in WCS for > a year -- am I looking in wrong place? place being

It would make the life of overworked sys admins and undertrained biologists
simpler if acedb software could incorportate network links to
a home server which would update local data automatically, more or less.
I'd hope to see this scheme considered for many biology databases, esp.
if they include tailored software like acedb does.


> From: Mike Cherry <CHERRY at Frodo.MGH.Harvard.EDU>
> Just put the ACEDB executable in a common place like /usr/local and
> have /usr/local in your users path. Thats all it takes to use common
> executables.  As for the other files associated with an ACEDB database
> you need to keep them separate. So that way they are independant.
> Links are not needed.
> However installed completely separate copies of the entire database only
> duplicates about 500K. The ACEDB executable, xace.

> From: glh at acpub.duke.edu (Geoff Hughes)
> As far as easier data installation goes, other than just taking the time to get
> the data sets via ftp, you use update to read in the update files- it is just
> a special .ace file with a header. Let me know if this answers your question;
> I'll help if I can.

> From: baillie at sfu.ca
> Don, me again.  Do you know you can run both aCedb and aAtdb under the same
> acedb installation?  Up dates only require the import of the new data set.
> This takes about 10 min, once every 3-4 months.  The new software installation
> is most simple if done from binaries (I know not very Unix) and only take 
> minutes.  The new binaries only come out ablout once every 6 months or more.
> Jean or Richard can give explicit instructions as to how to run multiple 
> data sets under on acedb installation.  Ooops, on re reading your note, I
> guess that is what you are doing, if so please ignore the multiple data 
> installation comments.
> dave baillie

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