ACeDB for Solaris

carl g. riches, 114 winkenwerder, 3-2764 cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu
Tue Jun 22 10:58:28 EST 1993

i have managed to get acedb (version 1-9) running on a sparcstation lx running solaris 2.1.   it's not a clean port, 
as the compiler emits many "unused variable" messages, "implicit declaration" messages, and "defined but not used" 
messages.  i will make the sources and binaries available via anon ftp at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu in the next day
or so.

it seems to run with no problems, but any help cleaning this up will be appreciated!

carl g. riches
college of forest resources	    internet: cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu
university of washington ar-10	    voice:    206-543-2764
seattle, wa 98195		    fax:      206-543-3254

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