Geoff Hughes glh at bio3.acpub.duke.edu
Tue Jun 15 10:27:32 EST 1993

Hello out there!

I would like to invite everyone on the net who reads this, especially those
who are involved in developing new ACeDB projects or those who are curious as
to what ACeDB does, to start posting regularly in order to create a forum for
ACeDB developers to compare notes, troubleshoot software, help new developers
along, and discuss improvements( maybe a wish list for future versions of the 
software, Richard and Jean willing). 

It would really be something if we could provide everybody out there
(especially Jean and Richard) with some feedback/questions on the software
without having to fill up their mailboxes; if enough people were interested,
and enough information passed through this newsgroup, an archive of FAQs could
be designed for the new user. 

Here are a few questions that I have:

How is query useful in an X environment?

Does anybody out there know if highlights can be introduced in gMap without
altering the source code(i.e. something that can be done from wspec)

						Geoff Hughes

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