"C" Programmer for Bioinformatics Graphical Database System

John L. McCarthy jlmccarthy at lbl.gov
Thu Jun 3 10:59:08 EST 1993

POSITION: "C" Programmer for Bioinformatics Graphical Database System
ORGANIZATION:  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), Genome Computing Group

PROJECT:  LBL is part of an international InterNet collaboration to extend
ACEDB software. ACEDB is a publicly distributed database and graphic
display system used by biologists in independent laboratories around the
world to store, retrieve, display, and manipulate genome research data. It 
is written in ANSI C and uses a set of widgets built on X-Windows for
portability across different hardware platforms.  

* Install, maintain and enhance ACEDB graphical database software;
* Work with LBL staff and ACEDB developers in England and France to 
  design and implement enhancements and connections to other software;
* Help develop ACEDB programmer documentation;
* Teach others how to write code contributions for ACEDB.

* Demonstrated experience and proficiency in "C" programming language;
* Practical experience with Unix operating system and tools;
* Good oral communications and writing skills; 
* Experience with computer graphics and X-Windows;
* Working knowledge of data structures and database management;
* User-oriented approach to programming and interface development;
* Ability to work independently, exercising judgement and initiative;

* B.A., M.S., or equivalent experience in computer science;
* Experience in user interface design;
* Knowledge of genetics and molecular biology. 

LOCATION:  Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory is a DOE-funded facility in the 
Berkeley Hills above the University of California.

PROJECT:  LBL's Human Genome Center is part of a large international 
effort to map and sequence the DNA from various human, animal, and plant 
genomes. Its Genome Computing Group works with biologists, 
instrumentation engineers, and other computer scientists at LBL and 
around the world to develop and support tools  for genome research.  

CONTACT: please send resume to John McCarthy,  jlmccarthy at lbl.gov
FAX: 510/486-4004; Mailstop 50B, room 3238, LBL, Berkeley 94720

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