importing mapmaker output into acedb

carl g. riches, 114 winkenwerder, 3-2764 cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu
Wed Jun 2 11:20:02 EST 1993

i'm just getting started with acedb, bringing it up on a sparcstation lx under solaris 2.1.  
i have compiled acedb and have it running.  now i need to start bringing in our poplar
data to create our poplar database, voxpop.

i can see how to bring in our existing bibliographies and am working on that.  i don't
see how to bring in our mapmaker output.  can anyone provide some advice on this?

thanks much!

carl g. riches
college of forest resources	    internet: cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu
university of washington ar-10	    voice:    206-543-2764
seattle, wa 98195		    fax:      206-543-3254

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