ts decoux at moulon.inra.fr
Tue Dec 21 00:34:44 EST 1993

 gateway WWW-ACEDB

 For these releases you must have a CGI server (Common Gateway Interface),
like NCSA "httpd_1.0".

 ACEDB 2.0
  source : ftp://moulon.inra.fr/pub/www-acedb/www-ace2.cgi.tar.Z
  demo : "http://moulon.inra.fr:8001/acedb/acedb.html" ACeDB

 ACEDB 3.0
  source : ftp://moulon.inra.fr/pub/www-acedb/www-ace3.cgi.tar.Z
  demo : "http://moulon.inra.fr:8001/acedb/igd.html" Integrated Genome Database

 Common characteristics
  * mimimal configuration : you just have to put an URL in a document and
create a helpfile.
  * bibliography
  * table maker
  * map : genetic map, multi map, ...
If you have a client which accept tag <FORM> (like Lynx and Mosaic), you can
select columns for genetic and features maps.
  * DNA dump

  * don't implement class "_VImage"

 More explanations are given in "http://moulon.inra.fr/acedb_conf_eng.html"


Guy Decoux

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