acedb solaris problems

carl g. riches cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu
Thu Dec 16 19:28:29 EST 1993

In article <1993Dec16.104500.1 at omrf.uokhsc.edu>, barsteadr at omrf.uokhsc.edu (Bob Barstead, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, 825 N.E. 13th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73104 (barsteadr at omrf.uokhsc.edu)) writes:
|> I'm having trouble running the new version 2 of acedb.  
|> My maching is a Sun LX running Solaris 2.2.  I believe
|> (stuff deleted)
|> ld.so.1: xace: can't find file libXt.so.5
|> (stuff deleted)
|> Any suggestions?  Have I missed a patch?  Is libXt.so.5 perhaps 
|> not part of the standard Solaris 2.2 release?  Is it hidden somewhere?
|> Is it, god forbid, part of X11R5 and I'm going to have to build the 
|> X11 libraries on my system?

it's asking for x11r5.  i think solaris 2.3 is x11r5, if you don't want
to build the libraries.  (which is worse ?  :)

also, are you using the compatibility libraries (ucb stuff)?  this won't
work in future versions of solaris.  i just got acedb ver 1-10 going on
my lx under solaris 2.1 without the compatibility library stuff, using gcc.
here are my notes on the subject:

notes re: compiling acedb.1-10 on solaris 2.1 and sparcstation lx with gcc?

1.  compile as SUNSVR4

2.  edit SUNSVR4_DEF and take out the include of the cygnus directory if
	you have installed the fsf distribution of gcc, but leave in 
	if you installed the cygnus distribution of gcc from the catalyst 
	cdware catalog.  (did you make fixincludes when you installed gcc? 
	-- required!)

3.  edit wmake/truemake and take out -I/usr/include

4.  in w1/timesubs.c, make sure that mytime_h strftime(...) is not defined
	(line 30)

5.  in w4/session.c, make sure that the semaphore definitions are not
	included (beginning at line 39), and put the following definition 
	into the file:

/*  definition not found in SUN/SOLARIS2/GCC2.4.5 fixincludes cgr 11/93 */
#if defined(SUNSVR4)
  union semun {
    int val;
    struct semid_ds *buf;
    ushort *array;
#endif /* defined(SUNSVR4) */

hope this all helps!

carl g. riches
college of forest resources	    internet: cgr at poplar1.cfr.washington.edu
university of washington ar-10	    voice:    206-543-2764
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