1994 ACEDB Workshop

John McCarthy mccarthy at UX5.LBL.GOV
Wed Dec 1 08:14:12 EST 1993

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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 93 18:23:31 GMT
From: mieg at kaa.cnrs-mop.fr (Danielle et Jean Thierry-Mieg)
Subject: acedb workshop

I am proposing to organize the 1994 acedb workshop 
monday june 6, to saturday june 18
in Cargese, Corse
 (Corse is south of France, in the mediterranee)

This place is equipped and used for summer school from may to october
every year, this is the only slot yet available.

The cost is around 3000F per person including 
lunch + lodging.
Dinner is taken at the local village restaurant, or you can cook for
It is possible to camp on site for free.

The place is beautiful, nested on a private beach, with 
many trees around. And there is plenty of work space.

I can find some funding to cover part of the local costs but certainly 
pay for travels.
The return ticket to Paris is around 1500 FF
so 3000 + 1500 = 4500 FF  around 900 US $

This can work if at least 40 people would come
ideal is between 50 to 80.

TYhis may be too large for us.

Could you please let me know ASAP if you are interested. I do not need a 
commitment, but I have to evaluate the number of participants roughly.

I hope 2 weeks would:
a) let us enjoy a very pleasant place
b) give us time for actual programming to take place on many problems

There would be, I hope, plenty of cpu around.

Jean Thierry-Mieg
mieg at kaa.cnrs-mop.fr

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