Physical Mapping Projects and ACEDB

Mike Cherry cherry at genome.Stanford.EDU
Mon Aug 16 07:50:11 EST 1993

Ian Dunham has kindly provided the text and postscript of a chapter
that he wrote for an Academic Press book on human genome computing. It
is available via anonymous ftp from weeds.mgh.harvard.edu in the
acedb_dev/doc directory as the compressed tar file

The title of the chapter is "PHYSICAL MAPPING PROJECTS AND ACEDB".
The authors are: Ian Dunham, Richard Durbin, Jean Thierry-Mieg and
David R. Bentley.

Ian says, "It's at a fairly basic level - a sort of user's guide with

Thank you Ian for providing this for the ACEDB developer's archive.

Ian's info:
Paediatric Research Unit, Division of Medical and Molecular
Genetics, UMDS, 8th floor Guy's Tower, London Bridge, SE1 9RT, U.K.
J. Michael Cherry                       Project Manager, Yeast Genome Database
Stanford Genome Sequencing Center,      Department of Genetics
Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA 94305-5120
Voice: 415-723-7541  FAX: 415-723-7016  Internet: cherry at genome.stanford.edu

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