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INSOFT-L on LISTSERV at CIS.VUTBR.CZ   Internationalization of Software
                                    Discussion List

   Internationalization of software relates to two subjects:

        1. Software that is written so a user can easily change the
           language of the interface;

        2. Versions of software, such as Czech WordPerfect, whose
           interface language differs from the original product.

   Topics discussed on this list include:

        -- Techniques for developing new software

        -- Techniques for converting existing software

        -- Internationalization tools

        -- Announcements of internationalized public domain software

        -- Announcements of foreign-language versions of commercial

        -- Calls for papers

	-- Conference announcements

	-- References to documentation related to the
           internationalization of software
   This list is moderated.

   To subscribe to this list, send an electronic mail message to
   LISTSERV at CIS.VUTBR.CZ with the body containing the command:

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