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Mike Cherry cherry at cycle.Stanford.EDU
Sun Aug 8 01:19:56 EST 1993

There was a lot of talk at the ACEDB Workshop in Boston about sharing
our notes, writtings, source code and models. (Actually there was the
same talk last year, but lets be positive.)

I've setup the archive to be accessed via anonymous ftp and gopher.
For anonymous ftp use the hostname weeds.mgh.harvard.edu look in the
acedb_dev directory. If you wish to contribute you can put files in
the incoming directory. Please send me a message that you have put
something in that directory then I will move it out for general

For gopher you can connect to weeds.mgh.harvard.edu and ...

 -->  8.  FTP Archives for Molecular Biology/


   -->  3.  ACEDB Developer's archive/

I have added my GenBank-to-Ace and BLAST-to-Ace converted to the
utility directory. However, I haven't finished the read.me files yet.
The "ACEDB, A tool for biological information" document that Sam
Cartinhour and I wrote for an Academic Press manual is in the doc
directory. Finally I've included the list of names and addresses
collected from the participants of the ACEDB Workshop to the workshop

Please help us all and give your workshop notes, utilities or whatever
might be interesting to just one other person. I'll continue to add
items from the AAtDB project to the archive.


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