BUG in 1-10? HELP!!!

Geoff Hughes glh at bio3.acpub.duke.edu
Thu Aug 5 10:35:53 EST 1993

	Hello out there! First, let me say thanks to all those who attended
the ACeDB conference in Boston- from my perspective, it was quite helpful.
Special thanks to Richard, Mike, Sam and everyone who gave a presentation.

I have run into a problem while converting from 1-9 to 1-10 and was wondering if
anyone had had a similar problem and/or a fix. After adding tags to the tags.wrm
file for our models, I tried to startup the database and got the following 
!! FATAL ERROR 0: Tag Plasmid = 2501 tries to overwrite tag (NULL KEY)

I tried to fix this by changing the tag number, and then commenting out the tag,
but then the error was caused by the next tag on our list, which made me think
that there might be some sort of recompilation bug.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or fixes, please e-mail me (or post) at

	glh at acpub.duke.edu

I will post a summary after I fix the bug.


					Geoff Hughes


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