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[Pombelist] [Yeast] S.pombe pREP series plasmids question...

Valerie Wood via yeast%40net.bio.net (by val from sanger.ac.uk)
Fri Jun 20 03:27:49 EST 2008

Samuel just pointed prl10 is transcribed in YE, you can see this if you select YE to see the illumina data.


Valerie Wood wrote:
> Hello Jonathan,
> I have prl10 mapped to the opposite strand to nmt1.
> However, if you look at the high resolution transcript map, it does 
> not appear to be detectable.
> http://www.sanger.ac.uk/cgi-bin/PostGenomics/S_pombe/pombetv/pombetv?genename=SPCC1223.02&action=genedb 
> Nothing is published about prl10.
> Somebody else may be able to comment further.
> Val
> Jonathan Jacobs wrote:
>> Hello! this is my first post to this listserv, so please pardon me if 
>> I am a bit overly verbose...
>> I was updating my sequence files & vector maps recently for various 
>> plasmids and I noticed something that might be of  interest to anyone 
>> using the 'pREP' series vectors in S.pombe.
>> Watanabe T et.al. (2002) 
>> <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12597277> published a report that 
>> indicated there were a number of poly(A) bearing RNAs without long 
>> open reading frames expressed in S.pombe (so called 'prl' genes). One 
>> of them, prl10 (Genbank AB084822 
>> <http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/viewer.fcgi?db=nuccore&id=26006032>), 
>> is a 692-bp transcript that could produce a small 40 a.a. protein. 
>> What was interesting to me was that prl10 sits immediately upstream 
>> of nmt1. Since the nmt1 promoter region is used in the  pREP series 
>> plasmids, thus so is the entire prl10 gene. Whether or not the prl10 
>> transcript is expressed from pREP vectors is not known (to me).
>> So I was curious: has anyone else noticed this before? And is it 
>> known whether or not pREP series plasmids express the prl10 
>> transcript? And finally, is it known if there is a phenotype 
>> associated with a prl10 deletion strain? Does anyone have a hint as 
>> to what the function of this RNA may be?
>> Jonathan Jacobs, Ph.D.
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