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  1. [Yeast] Candida expression library   Michael Bidochka
  2. [Yeast] Efflux of fluorophores in Yeast   da49 At drexel.edu
  3. [Yeast] Growing pombe on Glycerol?   Nathan Blewett
  4. [Yeast] growth on nonfermatable carbon source   vipulkumar parmar
  5. [Yeast] HELP   manish mishra
  6. [Yeast] Non-fluorescent method for staing yeast nuclei   Shaoyu Wang
  7. [Yeast] optimum pH to grow pombe   L.Cuenca At surrey.ac.uk
  8. [Yeast] Postdoctoral position at UC Berkeley   Rachel Brem
  9. [Yeast] problems of Yeast two hybrid library screen   ZhangYing
  10. [Yeast] pYX vectors   Alexis A Hoffman
  11. [Yeast] RTPCR reference gene   Søren Helmark
  12. [Yeast] Strong pombe promoter   N L
  13. [Yeast] URGENT STRAIN NEED   Arthur Lustig
  14. [Yeast] Yeast plasmids into E. coli   Anna Heidenblut
  15. [Yeast] yeast SSADH   Juxiang Cao
  16. [Yeast] yeast SSADH   Maria Costanzo

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