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New Saccharomyces Sequences 09/11/04

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at genome.stanford.edu
Mon Sep 13 13:25:25 EST 2004

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

CS39KBCIV   X99000    39090bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae 39kb DNA segment of chromosome IV.
    gdh; anti-silencing protein; ASF2 gene; GABA transporter protein; GDH;
     NAD-dependent glutamate dehydrogenase; SHR3; secretory component;
     tRNA-Gly; UGA4; NHP2; high-mobility-group-like protein; HEM3;
     hydroxymethylbilane synthase; MGT1; methylated-DNA-protein-cysteine
     S-methyl-transferase; sugar transport protein; SHM1; SHM1 protein; ASF2.

SC128LXIV   X94547    12857bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae 12.8 kb DNA from left arm of chromosome XIV.
    N2505; N2510; N2515; N2530; N2535; N2650; N2655; N2660; N2665; N2670;
     Pro-tRNA; sigma element; N2670.

SC128XV     X95465    12805bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae 12.8 Kbp fragment of the left arm of chromosome XV.
    glycophospholipid-anchored surface; 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase; ORF;
     surface glycoprotein.

SC23CDS     X86470    31431bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae PMS1, TPM1, MKS1, YMK1, MSK1, ODP2, YL9A & FKH2 genes.
    dihydrolipoamide S-acetyltransferase; DNA mismatch repair protein; DnaJ
     domains signature; lysine--tRNA ligase; mitochondrial precursor; MKS1
     gene; MSK1 gene; negative regulator of ras cAMP pathaway; ODP2 gene;
     PMS1 gene; pyruvate dehydrogenase complex precursor; ribosomal protein
     L6; splice acceptor sequence; splice branch sequence; splice donor
     sequence; sugar transport protein; tpm 1 gene; tropomyosin; YMK1 gene;
     PMS1; TPM1; orf; MKS1; YMK1; MSK1; ODP2; FKH2; putative second copy of
     ribosomal protein gene YL9A, SWISS_PROT:RL9_YEAST.

SC6ORF      X75951    24577bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae URA1, SAC1, RSD1 and TRP3 genes and 6 new orfs.
    TRP3; ORF1; ORF1 gene; ORF2; ORF2 gene; ORF3; ORF4; ORF5; sac1 gene;
     URA1; RSD1 (SAC1); TRP3.

SCACC1PR    Z14156     1402bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae ACC1 gene promoter region.
    acetyl-CoA carboxylase.

SCAKY2PR    X14169      563bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast histone H2A1 gene and AKY2 gene for adenylate kinase intergenic
    adenylate kinase; AKY2 gene; H2A1 gene; histone; histone H2A; promoter.

SCASCOPI    Z46617     6477bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae DNA for alpha subunit of coatomer complex.
    alpha subunit; alpha-COP; coatomer complex; Ret1p; Ret1p = alpha-COP =
     alpha subunit of the coatomer complex (COPI).

SCC90A      X17306     3964bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae DNA for chromosome V (c90, a).

SCC90B      X17307     2738bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae DNA for Chromosome V (c90,b).
    c90, b.

SCC90C      X17308     2461bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae DNA for chromosome V, c.
    c90, c.

SCCAN1G     X03784     2056bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast CAN1 gene for arginine permease.
    arginine permease; membrane protein.

SCCBF3B     X81396     1827bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae gene for cbf3b.
    CBF3B gene; cbf3b.

SCCCL1      X71902     1865bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae CCL1 gene.
    ccl1 gene; cell growth; cyclin; CCL1.

SCCENT      X83205      300bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae centromere DNA, chromosome VIII.

SCCHA4      Z49975     2561bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae DNA for CHA4 gene encoding DNA-binding activator.
    DNA-binding activator; CHA4.

SCCHRIII    X59720 S43845 S49180 S58084 S93798   316613bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome III complete DNA sequence.
    chromosome; Ty5; pseudogene Ty5; TY5, putative; hypothetical protein;
     HMLALPHA2; mating type regulatory protein, silenced copy at HML;
     HMLALPHA1; CHA1; L-serine/L-threonine deaminase; KRR1; FYV5; PRD1;
     proteinase yscD; KAR4; regulatory protein; SPB1; putative methylase;
     PBN1; LRE1; APA1; ATP adenylyltransferase I; PDI1; protein
     disulfide-isomerase precursor; GLK1; aldohexose specific glucokinase;
     regulatory protein of the beta-transducin family; SRO9; La
     motif-containing protein; GRX1; glutaredoxin; STE50; pheromone response
     pathway protein; RRP7; HIS4; phosphoribosyl-AMP
     cyclohydrolase/phosphoribosyl-ATP; phosphoribosyl-AMP
     cyclohydrolase/phosphoribosyl-ATP pyrophosphatase/histidinol
     dehydrogenase; BIK1; nuclear fusion protein; RNQ1; prion; FUS1; cell
     fusion protein; FRM2; AGP1; asparagine and glutamine permease; KCC4;
     kinase; tE(TTC)CL - systematic name; tRNA-Glu; TY2B; TY2B_C-TY2B
     protein; TY2A; TY2A_C TY2A-TY2A protein; tL(CAA)CL - systematic name;
     tRNA-Leu; LEU2; beta-isopropyl-malate dehydrogenase; NFS1; BUD3; budding
     protein; GBP2; potential telomere-associated protein; ILV6; acetolactate
     synthase, regulatory subunit; STP22; CWH36; SNR43; PGS1;
     phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase; RER1; CDC10; cell division
     control protein; MRPL32; ribosomal protein YmL32, mitochondrial; YCP4;
     CIT2; citrate (si)-synthase, peroxisomal; tP(AGG)CR - systematic name;
     tRNA-Pro; tN(GTT)CR - systematic name; tRNA-Asn; SAT4; RVS161; ADY2;
     ADP1; ATP-dependent permease; PGK1; phosphoglycerate kinase; POL4; DNA
     polymerase; SNR33; tG(GCC)CR - systematic name; tRNA-Gly; SRD1;
     nucleolar protein; tM(CAT)CR - systematic name; tRNA-Met; tK(CTT)CR -
     systematic name; tRNA-Lys; MAK32; PET18; MAK31; HTL1; high temperature
     lethal; HSP30; heat shock protein; member of major facilitator
     superfamily multidrug-resistance protein family 2; asn-tRNA synthetase,
     mitochondrial; PMP1; H+-ATPase subunit, plasma membrane; RSG1; rheb-like
     protein; tQ(TTG)CR - systematic name; tRNA-Gln; FEN2; RIM1;
     ssDNA-binding protein, mitochondrial; SNR65; RPS14A; 40S Ribosomal
     protein S14.e; SNR189; BPH1; FEN1; fatty acid elongase; RRP43; rRNA
     processing protein; RBK1; ribokinase; PHO87; member of the phosphate
     permease family; BUD5; GDP/GTP exchange factor for Rsr1p/Bud1p;
     MATALPHA2; mating type regulatory protein, expressed copy at MAT locus;
     MATALPHA1; TSM1; component of TFIID complex; PER1; IMG1; ribosomal
     protein, mitochondrial; BUD23; putative methyltransferase; ARE1;
     acyl-CoA sterol acyltransferase; RSC6; subunit of the RSC complex; THR4;
     threonine synthase (o-p-homoserine p-lyase); CTR86; PWP2; periodic
     tryptophan protein; YIH1; tS(CGA)CR - systematic name; tRNA-Ser; BUD31;
     HCM1; transcription factor; RAD18; DNA repair protein; SED4; protein of
     the endoplasmic reticulum; CVT17; SCC3; peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans
     isomerase precursor; IMG2; beta-transducin family (WD-40 repeat)
     protein; SSK22; MAP kinase kinase kinase; SOL2; multicopy suppressor of
     los1-1; ERS1; intracellular protein transport protein; PAT1;
     topoisomerase II-associated protein; SRB8; DNA-directed RNA polymerase
     II holoenzyme and Srb10 CDK subcomplex subunit; TRX3; mitochondrial
     thioredoxin; TUP1; general transcription repressor; CSM1; nucleic
     acid-binding protein; ABP1; actin-binding protein; FIG2; KIN82; ser/thr
     protein kinase; MSH3; DNA mismatch repair protein; CDC39; nuclear
     protein; CDC50; cell division cycle mutant; A2; mating type regulatory
     protein, silenced copy at HMR locus; A1; -hypothetical protein;
     tT(AGT)CR - systematic name; tRNA-Thr; GIT1; GIT1-glycerophosphoinositol
     transporter; PAU3; AAD3; hypotetical aryl-alcohol dehydrogenase.

SCCHROIV    X82086    32821bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae DNA for right arm of chromosome IV.
    leucine; AFR1 gene; arginine tRNA; endoplasmic reticulum protein; D4405;
     8 putative transmembrane spans; D4406; 1 putative transmembrane span;
     D4411; D4416; trehalose-6-phosphate synthase /phosphatase; D4421;
     protein phosphatase 2A; D4426; D4431; D4436; 3 putative transmembrane
     spans; D4441; 1 putative transmembrane spans; D4446; D4451; D4456;
     D4461; 2 putative transmembrane spans; D4466; 4 putative transmembrane
     spans; D4471; D4472; D4473; D4475; protein of endoplasmic reticulum;
     D4478; D4483; splicing factor; D4490; tRNA-Arg; D4495; 1 leucine zipper

SCCHVII35   Z48618    35364bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae genes for RAD54, ACE1(CUP2), PMR1, RCK1, AMS1, DNA helicase
     and tRNA-Leu.
    protein; ACE1; alpha-mannosidase; AMS1 gene; CUP2; DNA helicase;
     ACE1/CUP2; RAD54; tRNA-Leu; RCK1; AMS1; DNA helicase type protein.

SCCHXIV43   Z46843    43481bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome XIV DNA (43.5 kb).
    Fk506-binding; adenosine deaminase; cyclase-associated protein;
     cytoskeleton-associated protein (putative); orf2; orf3; MFA2; mating
     pheromone a-factor 2; orf5; orf6; NH3 permease; adenosine deaminase
     (putative); orf9; CAP/SRV2; NAM9; mitochondrial ribosomal protein
     (putative); orf12; FKB1/FPR1/RBP1; FK506-binding protein proline
     rotamase; orf14; orf15; tRNA-Phe; orf16; MOM22; mitochondrial outer
     membrane component; CPT1; sn-1,2-diacylglycerol
     cholinephosphotransferase; orf19; tyrosine phosphatase (putative);
     orf21; orf22; orf23.

SCCIVL37K   Z71781    36687bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome IV left arm (EU) DNA segment (36687 bp).
    act2 gene; actin; FAD synthetase; FAD1 gene; MPS1 gene; NAM1 gene; NAT 1
     gene; protein kinase; protein phosphatase; SIR2 gene; SIT4 gene; SIT4;
     protein phosphatase catalytic subunit homologue SIT4; FAD1; NAM1; RNA11;
     SIR2; NAT1; N-terminal acetyltransferase; ACT2; actin-like protein ACT2;

SCCLC1      X52272      772bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast CLC1 gene for clathrin light chain.
    clathrin; clathrin light chain; CLC1 gene.

SCCRO1      X00256     1034bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast gene for 14kd subunit of ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase.
    reductase; putative mRNA.

SCCXIV38K   Z69382    37800bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae 37,800 bp segment of chromosome XIV.
    AF-9; CYB; DBP; ESBP6; HR5; MLS1; N1875; N1876; N1879; N1882; N1883;
     N1888; N1890; N1892; N1897; N1901; N1905; N1909; N1913; N1917; N1921;
     N1925; N1929; N1934; N1937; N1945; N1949; N1954; N1958; N1962; N1966;
     N1970; N2160; N2161; OMP1; PSU1; RPC; N1883; 70Kd Mitochondrial outer
     membrane protein; Malate synthase; Subunit of RNA polymerase I and III;
     RNA elicase; Cytochrome B5.

SCCXIV39K   Z69381    38855bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae 38,855 bp segment of chromosome XIV.
    BLH1; DnaJ; globin; Kex2; N1102; N1106; N1110; N1114; N1118; N1122;
     N1129; N1135; N1139; N1142; N1146; N1154; N1158; N1161; N1165; N1249;
     N1254; N1259; N1264; N1269; N1274; SIN4; SLA2; URE2; zinc-finger; ZWF1;
     Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase; Kexin; N1129.

SCDAT1      X15478     2558bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast DAT1 gene for oligo(dA)/oligo(dT)-binding protein datin.
    oligo(dA)/oligo(dT)-binding; DAT1 gene; datin; DNA-binding protein.

SCDNAGMH    X83690     7951bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae G1618 gene and MPT5/HTR1 gene.
    ser/thr; G1618 gene; HTR1 gene; MPT5 gene; mutation suppressor; biE560;
     putative ser /thr protein kinases; biB125; MPT5=HTR1; biB115; bic834.

SCEMT1      X66611      361bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae EMT1 gene.
    elongator methionine-accepting transfer RNA-Met; EMT1; tRNA-Met.

SCEMT2      X66612      391bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae EMT2 gene.
    elongator methionine-accepting transfer RNA-Met; EMT2; tRNA-Met.

SCEMT3      X66613      407bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae EMT3 gene.
    elongator methionine-accepting transfer RNA-Met; EMT3; tRNA-Met.

SCEMT4      X66614      402bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae EMT4 gene.
    elongator methionine-accepting transfer RNA-Met; EMT4; tRNA-Met.

SCEMT5      X66615      328bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae EMT5 gene.
    elongator methionine-accepting transfer RNA-Met; EMT5; tRNA-Met.

SCERG6      X74249     1320bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae ERG6 gene.
    ERG6 gene; methyltransferase; S-adenosyl methionine; ERG6;
     S-adenosyl-methionine:delta-24-sterol-C- methyltransferase.

SCFOX3      X53946     2374bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae gene for peroxisomal 3-oxoacyl-CoA thiolase.
    3-oxoacyl-CoA thiolase; FOX3.

SCGRPE      X78350     1139bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae GRPE gene.
    grpE gene; GRPE.

SCGTPCHYI   X94314      732bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae GTP-cyclohydrolase I gene.
    GTP-cyclohydrolase I.

SCHAL2      X72847     1903bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae HAL2 gene, identical to MET22 gene.
    HAL2 gene; methionine biosynthesis; HAL2.

SCHIS3G     X03245     1822bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast his3 gene for imidazoleglycerolphosphate (IGP) dehydratase and
     flanking regions.
    dehydratase; imidazoleglycerolphosphate dehydratase.

SCILV2      X02549     3522bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast gene ILV2 for acetolactate synthase (EC
    acetolactate synthase; acetolactate synthase precursor; mature
     acetolactate synthase.

SCK2KIL     X54154     1163bp    linear   VRL      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast K2 type killer virus Kil-k2 gene for the K2 killer toxin precursor.
    cell wall receptor; immunity repressor; KIL-k2 gene; K2 killer toxin

SCKRS1      X56259     2480bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae strain 7305b mutant KRS1 gene for lysyl-tRNA synthetase.
    KRS1 gene; lysyl-tRNA synthetase; KRS1; lysine--tRNA ligase.

SCLYP1      X67315     3639bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae LYP1 gene for lysine permease.
    LYP1 gene; lysine permease; LYP1.

SCMAL28C    X15241     2944bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast mutant MAL2-8cp gene for MALp (MALR) protein.
    DNA-binding protein; MAL2-8cp gene; MALR gene; regulatory protein; zinc
     finger protein.

SCMBR1G     X75561     3463bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae MBR1 gene for MBR1.
    GTPase activating protein; MBR1 gene; MBR1.

SCMCR1      X81474     1200bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae MCR1 gene.
    mcr1 gene; NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase; MCR1.

SCMET4      Z12126     3479bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae MET, LEU4, and POL1  genes encoding MET4 protein,
     alpha-isoproplymalate (alpha-IPM) synthetase (partial), and DNA
     polymerase alpha (partial).
    DNA polymerase; alpha-isoproplymalate synthetase; DNA polymerase; LEU4;
     Alpha-isoproplymalate (alpha-IPM) synthetase; MET4; MET; POL1; DNA
     Polymerase alpha.

SCMIG1      X55734     2622bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae MIG1 gene for a C2H2 zinc finger protein involved in glucose
    glucose repressor; MIG1 gene; zinc-finger protein; MIG1.

SCMRP15GE   Y09436      244bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae mitochondrial RP-L15 gene.
    mitochondrial ribosomal protein; MRP-L15 gene; MRP-L15.

SCMRS3G     X56445     2096bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast nuclear DNA fragment N3/2.0 with MRS3 gene, involved in mtRNA
    mitochondrial RNA splicing; MRS3 gene; MRS3; MRS3 protein.

SCMRS4      X56444     2601bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast nuclear DNA fragment H61/2.6 with MRS4 gene, involved in mtRNA
    mitochondrial RNA splicing; MRS4 gene; MRS4; MRS4 protein.

SCNOP77     X76245     3065bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae NOP77 gene for essential nucleolar protein.
    NOP77 gene; nucleolar protein; NOP77; NOP77p.

SCNTHG      X65925     5111bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae NTH gene for neutral trehalase.
    neutral trehalase; nth gene; trehalase; NTH1; alpha-alpha-trehalase.

SCORFSC14   X92517    36813bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae PSD1, N1696, SKO1, N1706, N1710, N1714, N1718, SCL41A,
     N1727, YGP1, N1735, N1739, N1743, N1747, N1751, YCK2, N1761, N1765,
     RPC31, N1773, N1774, N1777, N1780, N1785, N1790 genes.
    PSD1; N1696; SKO1; N1706; N1710; N1714; N1718; orf; N1727; YGP1; N1735;
     N1739; N1743; N1747; N1751; YCK2; N1761; N1765; RPC31; 1773; N1774;
     N1777; N1780; N1785; N1790.

SCORI6REG   X58675      780bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae DNA for ori 6 region.
    ori 6 region.

SCPET123    X52362     1881bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast pet123 gene.
    pet123 gene.

SCPHO85G    Y00867 X13515     1258bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast PHO85 gene for a negative regulator of the PHO system.
    PHO85 gene; phosphate regulation; protein kinase; PHO85.

SCPIP2GEN   X91991     3471bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae pip2 gene.
    transcriptional; activator of peroxisome proliferation; pip2 gene; pip2.

SCPMR2G     X58626     1895bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae PMR2 gene (partial).
    PMR2 protein; PMR2.

SCPOP3GEN   X95844     1694bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae POP3 gene.
    pop3 gene; POP3.

SCPSE1G     Z11538     4017bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae PSE-1 gene.
    protein secretion; PSE-1 gene; PSE-1.

SCPYK1      X14400     1791bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast pyk1 gene for pyruvate kinase (EC
    kinase; pyk1 gene; pyruvate kinase.

SCREPORIA   X66222      160bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae replication origin DNA.
    replication origin.

SCSEC1      X62451     3689bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae SEC1 gene, involved in protein secretion.
    protein secretion; Sec1 gene; SEC1; Sec1 protein.

SCSLA1PA    Z22810     4407bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae of Sla1p gene, complete CDS.
    membrane cytoskeleton assembly; Sla1p gene; synthetical lethal with ABP1.

SCSNG       X74920     2058bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae SNG1 gene.
    SNG1 gene; SNG1.

SCSNR10     X03372      600bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast gene for small nuclear RNA snR10.
    small nuclear RNA.

SCSPO15G    X54316     2761bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S. cerevisiae SPO15 gene coding for a putative GTP binding protein.
    GTP-binding protein; microtubule binding protein; SPO15.

SCSUP44GN   X94106     6812bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae G2882, G2889, and SUP44 genes.
    G2882 gene; G2889 gene; SUP44 gene; G2882; G2889; SUP44.

SCTAL1      X15953     2022bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae TAL1 gene for transaldolase (EC
    TAL1 gene; transaldolase.

SCTPS1A     X68496     2091bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae TPS1 gene for trehalose-6-phophate synthase.
    TPS1 gene; trehalose-6-phosphate synthase; TPS1.

SCTPS2G     X70694     3921bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae TPS2 gene for trehalose-6-phosphate synthase/phosphatase 100
     kDa subunit.
    TPS2 gene; trehalose-6-phosphate synthase/phosphatase complex; TPS2;
     trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase.

SCTRG1PRT   X52313     2160bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae TRG1 gene for TRG1 protein.
    TRG1 gene; precursor TRG1 protein; mature TRG1 protein.

SCTRNALEU   X63952       89bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae transfer RNA-Leu (U*AA).
    transfer RNA; transfer RNA-Leu; tRNA-leu; tRNA-Leu.

SCTRNALYS   X63897      772bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae gene for tRNA-Lys.
    transfer RNA-Lys; tRNA lys; tRNA-Lys.

SCTY117X    X03840 J01333 K00633 M19542 X02991    11220bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast transposon Ty1-17 and flanking tRNA-Glu 3/Leu 3,LEU2 genes from
     small ring of chromosome III (LEU2 coding for beta-isopropylmalate
    isopropylmalate; 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase; dehydrogenase;
     tRNA-Glu; tRNA-Leu; LEU 2; beta-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase.

SCUBA1G     X55386 X56507     4795bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast UBA1 gene for ubiquitin-activating enzyme.
    UBA1 gene; ubiquitin; ubiquitn-activating enzyme; UBA1;
     ubiquitin-activating enzyme.

SCUBC9      X82538     1492bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae UBC9 gene.
    UBC9 gene; ubiquitin conjugating enzyme; UBC9; ubiquitin-conjugating

SCUBI1G     X05728 Y00061     2450bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast UBI1 gene for ubiquitin.
    UBI1 gene; ubiquitin.

SCUBI2G     X05729 Y00061     1775bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast UBI2 gene for ubiquitin.
    UBI2 gene; ubiquitin.

SCUBI3G     X05730 Y00061     2010bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast UBI3 gene for ubiquitin.
    UBI3 gene; ubiquitin.

SCUBI4G     X05731 Y00061     2381bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast UBI4 gene for ubiquitin.
    UBI4 gene; ubiquitin.

SCVCOSMGN   X89633    37672bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae DNA for VPH1, MOD5, CAP20, ORF1 and SNF2 genes.
    cap associated protein; CAP20 gene; dihydrofolate reductase; disulfite
     isomerase; heat shock protein; isopentenyl transferase; mitochondrial
     import protein; mod5 gene; ORF1; permease; phosphoglycerate mutase;
     regulatory protein gam1; sigma element; SNF2 gene; transporter;
     tRNA-Ala; Vacuolar ATP synthase; vph1 gene; hypothetical permease;
     hypothetical protein; VPH1; vacuolar ATP synthase VPH1; hypothetical
     transporter; MOD5; tRNA isopentenyltransferase; CAP20; CAP associated
     protein; mitochondrial import protein ORF1; hypothetical dihydrofolate
     reductase; hypothetical phosphoglycerate mutase; hypothetical heat shock
     protein; hypothetical protein disulfite isomerase; SNF2.

SCWGABP1    X61388     1800bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae WBP1 gene for wheat germ agglutinine binding protein 1.
    n-oligosaccaryl; binding protein; N-linked glycosylation; WBP1; Wheat
     germ agglutinine binding protein 1 precursor; Wheat germ agglutinine
     binding protein 1; transmembrane region.

SCXI207K    X75780    20723bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome XI (20.7 kb) DNA for Hsp70 homologue (A881),
     nucleoside diphosphate kinase homologue (A153), nuclear pore complex
     protein NUP100 (B959), tRNA-Trp, tRNA-Val, tRNA-His, F385, B766, C256,
     A169, A180, B147.
    delta element; HSP70 protein; nuclear pore protein;
     nucleoside-diphosphate kinase; transfer RNA-His; transfer RNA-Trp;
     transfer RNA-Val; F385; A881; B766; tRNA-Trp; C256; A169; A180;
     tRNA-Val; B959; tRNA-His; A153; B147.

SCXRGN      Z48747      700bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae partial CYC1 gene.
    CYC1 gene; CYC1.

SCYJL110C   Z49385 Y13136     2470bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL110c.

SCYJL111W   Z49386 Y13136     2472bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL111w.

SCYJL116C   Z49391 Y13136     2819bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL116c.

SCYJL117W   Z49392 Y13136     1561bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL117w.

SCYJL119C   Z49394 Y13136     1185bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL119c.

SCYJL121C   Z49396 Y13136     1328bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL121c.

SCYJL122W   Z49397 Y13136      933bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL122w.

SCYJL123C   Z49398 Y13136     2071bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL123c.

SCYJL124C   Z49399 Y13136     1325bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL124c.

SCYJL126W   Z49401 Y13136     1307bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL126w.

SCYJL127C   Z49402 Y13136     4398bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL127c.

SCYJL128C   Z49403 Y13136     4992bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL128c.

SCYJL129C   Z49404 Y13136     5729bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL129c.

SCYJL130C   Z49405 Y13136     8250bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJL130c.

SCYJR105W   Z49605 Y13136     1823bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae chromosome X reading frame ORF YJR105w.

SCYURI      X58099     3343bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    S.cerevisiae YURI gene (3' end), TIF2 gene for eIF-4a, and RPB4 gene for
     RNA polymerase II subunit 4.
    RPB4 gene; TIF2 gene; transcription initiation factor; YURI gene; eIF4a;
     YUR1; RPB4.

ZMDNAORI    X07167      548bp    linear   PLN      09-SEP-2004
    Yeast R0.54 mutant mitochondrial DNA lacking ori1 sequence recombination
     junction with tRNA-Pro and 15S rRNA genes.
    recombination; 15S ribosomal RNA; intergenic spacer; recombination;

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