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Already 10 years!

Francis Ouellette francis at bioinformatics.ubc.ca
Wed Jan 29 15:53:41 EST 2003

Dear Yeasters,

10 years ago the YEAST newsgroup voting process allowed to us start 
this new forum of discussion for yeast molecular biology and genetics. 
In the summer of 1992, while at the International Yeast meeting in 
Austria I collected (on paper :-) some 50 names of people who wanted 
to be part of a yeast mailing list/directory (I still have that 
historical piece of paper!). From that list I generated a mailing 
list of some 100 or so names of people and used them to vote (in 
favor :) for the creation of the YEAST newsgroup. In April of 1993 
I sent the first message to the YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast 
newsgroup (appended below). 

Many things have happened in the yeast world, genomes have been 
completed, and many more to come, a few nobel prizes and so forth. 
Many of us have moved (a couple of times) to new positions and 
SGD, the Saccharomyces Genome Database continues to be a force 
and a leading resource in the YEAST community. 

Although I am still interested in the biology of Saccharomyces 
and other fungi, it is time for me to pass the torch of managing 
and moderating this newsgroup to the very able and talented 
SGD people. Mike Cherry and his colleagues have taken on the 
moderation of this group, and it should have been a 
transparent transfer to all of you.

I will (obviously) continue to read with interest the 
postings to this group (and even continue to participate) but 
please be aware that as of now SGD is moderating the YEAST 

I wish all of you continued success in your research endeavors, 
and I know I will continue to meet many of you at scientific 

All the best to all, and long life to YEAST/bionet.molbio.yeast 
under the SGD guidance,



| B.F. Francis Ouellette             francis at bioinformatics.ubc.ca | 
| Director, UBC Bioinformatics Centre          Tel: (604) 875-3815 | 
| University of British Columbia               Fax: (604) 608-4795 | 
| Vancouver, BC Canada                http://bioinformatics.ubc.ca |

Subject: Welcome to bionet.molbio.yeast/YEAST
From: Francis Ouellette (francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA)
Date: Fri 16 Apr 1993 - 23:39:59 BST

Welcome to bionet.molbio.yeast/YEAST

This looks good, before the group was actually functioning many
people had already made postings .. this augurs well for the
future of this group.

My "task" as discussion leader will be to make sure this group
stays alive, but this should not be too difficult. I will keep
track of the people who post to this group and mail them
personally to see if they want to be added to the yeast Email

I have been working on this directory for a bit more than a year now.
If you are not in it and want to be, just Email me with your name and
I will add you to it. I distribute it twice a year on
(BIONAUTS), and to the people on the list. The latest version of
that list can be picked up by anonymous FTP to ftp.biol.mcgill.ca
in the pub/email_list directory. It presently has the Email address
of 307 yeast intersted people. The next distribution will be be later
next month.

There are plans for setting up the list on a gopher server ...
but that will come later.

I will also try to keep an eye on the postings in this group to
prepare a FAQ sheet (Frequently Asked Questions sheet).
Any suggestions for this information sheet will be welcome.
Something I have already saved is Dr. R.J. Beynon's
(beynonrj at liverpool.ac.uk) question and robert joseph litt's
(rjl4 at quads.uchicago.edu) reply on a yeast methods book.

without any further ado, let the group continue on,

all the best to all,


| B.F. Francis Ouellette     * francis at monod.biol.mcgill.ca *
|      "Je cherche a` comprendre"  Jacques Monod


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