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how can I contact with Dr.Francois Lacroute or Michele Minet

[gb2312] shude yang sdyang68 at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Jan 4 08:58:45 EST 2002

Happy New Year,Everyone:

I want to contact with Dr.Michele Minet and Dr.Michele
Minet to ask for the sequence data of vector pFL61.I
have searched his email address is
LACROUTE at CGMVAX.CGM.CNRS-GIF.FR,but I can not post my
email to him by this address.If you know their new
address,please tell me. You may transfer my email as
follows to them.Thank you!

With my best wishes

Dear Dr.Francois Lacroute:

You wrote that there was a SfiI site in the polylinker
of pFL60(Cloning and sequedcing of a human cDNA coding
for a multifunctional polypeptide of the purine
pathway by complementation of the ade2-101 mutant in
Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Current Genetics
(1999)18:287-291,p288,Fig 1,)I wonder if the vector
pFL61 also contain a SfiI site since pFL60 was the
basal vector form which pFL61 was constructed.But the
information of pFL61 on the Web page of
www.actt.org,showed no SfiI site.We also digest pFL61
with SfiI ,but found that Sfi could not cut
pFL61.What's the matter?

We eagerly want to know the accute site map of SfiI
restriction site of pFL61 since the cDNA of Cynodon
dactylon constructed by cDNA construction kit of
Clontech were introduced into SfiI sites at the both
ends.We must modify the pFL61 in order to fulfill our
projest.If you know the whole sequence data or map of
pFL60 or pFL61 please tell me.Thank you!

With my great respects
Shude Yang

>From Botany Institute,China Academy of Science

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