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Two postdoc positions

Rich Maraia maraiar at exchange.nih.gov
Thu Jan 18 23:32:24 EST 2001

  Biochemistry and Genetics of Eukaryotic RNA Expression
  National Institutes of Health, USA

  Two positions will be available to study the basic mechanisms of RNA
  Investigations will involve a highly conserved pathway of tRNA
biogenesis that also
  serves as a paradigm of eukaryotic gene expression.  The functional
  includes transcription, RNA processing, intranuclear trafficking of
  complexes, and signal transduction.  A multidisciplinary approach,
  genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry, and a novel reporter
system in fission
  yeast, will be used.  Alu and tRNA-like retroposons are also
  Background in molecular biology and biochemistry is essential.

  Selected publications:
  1) Maraia, R. J. and Intine, R. V. (2001) Recognition of nascent RNA
by the human
  La antigen: Conserved and diverged features of structure and function.
Mol Cell
  Biol, 21:367-379.

  2) Intine RV, Sakulich AL, Koduru SB, Huang Y, Pierstorff E, Goodier
JL, Phan L,
  Maraia RJ., (2000) Control of transfer RNA maturation by
phosphorylation of the
  human La antigen on serine 366. Mol Cell, 6:339-348.

  3) Huang Y, Hamada M, Maraia RJ. ( 2000) Isolation and cloning of four
  of a fission yeast TFIIIC complex that includes an ortholog of the
human regulatory
  protein TFIIIC-beta. J Biol Chem. Oct 6;275(40):31480-7.

  4) Hamada M, Sakulich AL, Koduru SB, Maraia RJ. ( 2000) Transcription
  termination by RNA polymerase III in fission yeast. A genetic and
  tractable model system. J Biol Chem. Sep 15;275(37):29076-81.

  5) Fan H, Sakulich AL, Goodier JL, Zhang X, Qin J, Maraia RJ. (1997)
  Phosphorylation of the human La antigen on serine 366 can regulate
recycling of
  RNA polymerase III transcription complexes. Cell. Mar 7;88(5):707-15.

  Also see:

  It is important that your application includes a statement detailing
your specific scientific interest in this position, a C.V., and 3
  references.  Send to: Richard J. Maraia, M.D., by E-mail:
maraiar at mail.nih.gov or post it to 6 Center Drive, MSC-2753,
  Bethesda, MD, USA 20892-2753, or Fax to: 301 480-6863.

  NIH is an equal opportunity employer


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