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New Saccharomyces Sequences 09/19/00

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at genome.stanford.edu
Tue Sep 19 11:15:47 EST 2000

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

D55634      D55634     2604bp    DNA      PLN      14-SEP-2000
    Yeast DNA for thiamin transport protein, complete cds.
    thiamin transport protein.

SCE3612     U18814 U00092     8443bp    DNA      PLN      15-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V lambda clone 3612 and cosmid 9747.
    YER073W; Yer073wp; RPS24EA; Rps24eap: 40S ribosomal protein S24E (RP50);
     YER075C; Yer075cp.

SCE6592     U18813 U00092    42576bp    DNA      PLN      15-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V lambda clones 6592, 4678, 4742, and
    PET117 (cytochrome c oxidase assemblyMOT2 (negative regulator); GIP2;
     Gip2p; HIS1; His1p: ATP phosphoribosyltransferase; FCY2; Fcy2p:
     purine-cytosine permease; YER056C-A; Yer056c-ap; YER057C; Yer057cp;
     PET117; cytochrome c oxidase assembly factor; YER059W; Yer059wp; FCY21;
     Fcy21p: Purine-cytosine permease; FCY22; Yer160wap; CEM1; Cem1p:
     beta-keto-acyl synthase; HOR2; Hor2p; YER063W; Yer063wp; YER064C;
     Yer064cp; ICL1; Icl1p: isocitrate lyase; tRNA-Ser; YER066W; Yer066wp;
     YER066C-A; Yer066w-ap; YER067W; Yer067wp; MOT2; Mot2p; ARG5,6; Arg5,6p:
     N-acetyl-gamma-glutamyl-phosphate reductase and acetylglutamate kinase;
     RNR1; Rnr1p: Ribonucleotide reductase; YER071C; Yer071cp; YER072W;

SCE8199     U18779 L10830 U00092    36872bp    DNA      PLN      15-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmid 8199, 8334, and 9871.
    AFG1 (ATPase familyTIF51A (translation initiation factor eIF-5A); MAK10;
     Mak10p: Glucose-repressible protein; AFG1; Afg1p; VMA8; Vma8p: subunit D
     of vacuolar H-ATPase; YEL050C; Yel050cp; tRNA-Gly; PAU2; Pau2p: member
     of seripauperin proteins; YEL048C; Yel048cp; YEL047C; Yel047cp; GLY1;
     Gly1p; YEL045C; Yel045cp; YEL044W; Yel044wp; YEL043W; Yel043wp; GDA1;
     Gda1p: guanosine-diphosphatase of Golgi membrane; YEL041W; Yel041wp;
     UTR2; Utr2p; CYC7; Cyc7p: cytochrome c, isoform-2; UTR4; Utr4p; RAD23;
     Rad23p; ANP1; Anp1p; UTR5; Utr5p; HYP2; Hyp2p: translation initiation
     factor eIF-5A; YEL033W; Yel033wp; tRNA-Ser; MCM3; Mcm3p.

SCE8229     U18917 L10718 U00092    67883bp    DNA      PLN      14-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 8229, 9115,  9132, 9981,
     and lambda clones 7990 and 6134.
    OXA1 (involved inSPT15 (TATA-box binding protein tfIId); tRNA-Glu;
     YER138C; YER139C; Yer139cp; YER140W; Yer140wp; COX15; Cox15p: Cytochrom
     oxidase assembly factor; MAG1; Mag1p: 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase;
     YER143W; Yer143wp; UBP5; Ubp5p: ubiquitin-specific protease; YER145C;
     Yer145cp; YER146W; Yer146wp; YER147C; Yer147cp; SPT15; Spt15p: TATA-box
     binding protein tfIId; PEA2; Pea2p; YER150W; Yer150wp; tRNA-Val; UBP3;
     Ubp3p: ubiquitin-specific protease; YER152C; Yer152cp; PET122; Pet122p:
     translational activator of cytochrome c oxidase subunit III; OXA1;
     Oxa1p; BEM2; Bem2p: bud-emergence protein; YER156C; Yer156cp; YER157W;
     Yer157wp; YER158C; Yer158cp; YER159C; Yer159cp; tRNA-Arg; YER160C;
     Yer160cp; SPT2; Spt2p: non-specific DNA binding protein; RAD4; Rad4p:
     nucleotide excision repair protein; YER163C; Yer163cp; CHD1; Chd1p:
     transcriptional regulator.

SCE9163     U18922 L10718 L11229 U00092    64044bp    DNA      PLN      14-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 9163 and 9132.
    BMH1 (putative inhibitor ofPAB1 (polyadenylate-binding protein); PAB1;
     Pab1p: polyadenylate-binding protein; YER166W; Yer166wp; BCK2; Bck2p:
     serine/threonine protein kinase; CCA1; Cca1p: tRNA
     nucleotidyltransferase(tRNA CCA-pyrophosphorylase); YER169W; Yer169wp;
     ADK2; Adk2p: adenylate kinase 2; RAD3; Rad3p: DNA repair helicase
     component of transcription factor b; BRR2; Brr2p: Putative ATP-dependent
     RNA helicase; RAD24; Rad24p: Check point protein; YER174C; Yer174cp;
     YER175C; Yer175cp; YER176W; Yer176wp; BMH1; Bmh1p; PDA1; Pda1p: alpha
     subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase; DMC1; Dmc1p: DNA repair protein;
     ISC10; Isc10p; tRNA-Ile; YER181C; Yer181cp; YER182W; Yer182wp; YER183C;
     Yer183cp; YER184C; Yer184cp; YER185W; Yer185wp; YER186C; Yer186cp;
     YER187W; Yer187wp; YER188W; Yer188wp; YER189W; Yer189wp; YER190W;

SCE9379     U18796 U00092    43100bp    DNA      PLN      15-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 9379, 9581, and lambda
     clone 4678.
    YER033C; Yer033cp; YER034W; Yer034wp; YER035W; Yer035wp; YER036C;
     Yer036cp; YER037W; Yer037wp; YER038C; Yer038cp; YER039C; Yer039cp; GLN3;
     Gln3p: Nitrogen regulatory protein; YER041W; Yer041wp; YER042W;
     Yer042wp; SAH1; Sam1p: Adenosylhomocysteinase; YER044C; Yer044cp; MEI4;
     Mei4p; YER045C; YER046W; Yer046wp; YER047C; Yer047cp; CAJ1; Caj1p;
     tRNA-Gln; YER049W; Yer049wp; YER050C; Yer050cp; YER051W; Yer051wp; HOM3;
     Hom3p: aspartate kinase; YER053C; Yer053cp.

SCE9537     U18778 U00092    66030bp    DNA      PLN      15-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 9537, 9581, 9495, 9867, and
     lambda clone 5898.
    CEN5; MNN1; Mnn1p: alpha-1,3-mannosyltransferase; YER002W; Yer002wp;
     PMI40; Pmi40p: mannose-6-phosphate isomerase; YER004W; Yer004wp;
     YER005W; Yer005wp; YER006W; Yer006wp; PAC2; Pac2p; YER007C-A;
     Yel007c-ap; SEC3; Sec3p; NTF2; Ntf2p: Nuclear Transport Factor 2;
     YER010C; Yer010cp; TIR1; Tir1p; tRNA-Glu; PRE1; Pre1p: 22.6 kDa subunit
     of proteinase yscE; PRP22; Prp22p: pre-mRNA splicing factor RNA
     helicase; HEM14; Hem14p: protoporphyrinogen oxidase; FAA2; Faa2p:
     Long-chain fatty acid CoA ligase; BIM1; Bim1p: Microtubule-Binding
     Protein; AFG3; Afg3p; YER018C; Yer018cp; YER019W; Yer019wp; SEB2; Seb2p;
     GPA2; Gpa2p: nucleotide binding regulatory protein; SUN2; Sun2p:
     proteosome subunit; SRB4; Srb4p: transcription factor; PRO3; Pro3p:
     delta 1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase; YER024W; Yer024wp; GCD11;
     Gcd11p: subunit gamma of translational initiation factor eIF2; tRNA-His;
     CHO1; Cho1p: phosphatidylserine synthetase; GAL83; Gal83p: glucose
     repression protein; YER028C; Yer028cp; YER029C; Yer029cp; YER030W;
     Yer030wp; YPT31; Ypt31p; FIR1; Fir1p.

SCE9669     U18795 U00092    50849bp    DNA      PLN      15-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 9669, 8334, 8199, and
     lambda clone 1160.
    YEL076C-A; Yel076c-ap; YEL076C; Yel076cp; YEL076W-C; Yel076w-cp; YEL075C;
     Yel075cp; YEL074W; Yer074wp; YEL073C; Yel073cp; YEL072W; Yel072wp;
     YEL071W; Yel071wp; YEL070W; Yel070wp; HXT13; Hxt13p: High-affinity
     hexose transporter; YEL068C; Yel068cp; YEL067C; Yel067cp; YEL066W;
     Yel066wp; YEL065W; Yel065wp; YEL064C; Yel064cp; CAN1; Can1p: arginine
     permease; NPR2; Npr2p: nitrogen permease regulator; CIN8; Cin8p; PRB1;
     Prb1p: vacuolar protease B; SOM1; Som1p; YEL059W; Yel059wp; PCM1; Pcm1p:
     phosphoacetylglucosamine mutase; YEL057C; Yel057cp; HAT2; Hat2p: subunit
     of a cytoplasmic histone acetyltransferase; YEL055C; Yel055cp; RPL15B;
     Rpl15bp: 60S ribosomal protein L15B.

SCE9747     U18839 U00092    64797bp    DNA      PLN      14-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 9747, 8198, 9781, and
     lambda clones 3612 and 6052.
    tRNA-Ala; YER076C; Yer076cp; YER077C; Yer077cp; YER078C; Yer078cp;
     YER079W; Yer079wp; YER080W; Yer080wp; YER081W; Yer081wp; YER082C;
     Yer082cp; YER083C; Yer083cp; YER084W; Yer084wp; YER085C; Yer085cp; ILV1;
     Ilv1p: threonine dehydratase; YER087W; Yer087wp; SEB1; Seb1p; YER088C;
     Yer088cp; PTC2; Ptc2p: Protein phosphotase type II C; TRP2; Trp2p:
     anthranilate synthase component I; MET6; Met6p:
     5-methyltetrahydropteroyl triglutamate--homocysteine methyltransferase;
     YER092W; Yer092wp; YER093C; Yer093cp; YER093C-A; Yer093c-ap; PUP3;
     Pup3p; RAD51; Rad51p: RecA-like protein; YER096W; Yer096wp; tRNA-Glu;
     YER097W; Yer097wp; UBP9; Ubp9p: ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase;
     PRS2; Prs2p: ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinase; UBC6; Ubc6p:
     ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme; AST2; Asp2p; RPS8B; Rps8bp: Ribosome
     protein, small subunit; SSA4; Ssa4p: 70 kDa heat shock protein; YER104W;
     Yer104wp; NUP157; Nup157p: nucleoporin; YER106W; Yer106wp; RAE1; Rae1p.

SCE9781     U18916 L11119 L11120 U00092 U75972    68301bp    DNA      PLN      14-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 9781, 8198,  9115, 9981,
     and lambda clones 3955 and 6052.
    PAK1 (DNA polymerase alphaRSP5 (suppressor of mutations in SPT3); FLO8;
     Flo8p: transcriptional activator of FLO1; YER109c; Yer109p; KAP123;
     Kap123p: Karyopherin beta 4; SWI4; Swi4p: transcription factor; USS1;
     Uss1p: core protein of small nuclear ribonucleoprotein; YER113C;
     Yer113cp; BOI2; Boi2p; SPR6; Spr6p; YER116C; Yer116cp; RPL17B; Rpl17bp:
     Ribosomal protein, large subunit; SSU81; Ssu81p: Transmembrane
     osmosensor; YER119C; Yer119cp; YER119C-A; Yer119c-ap; SCS2; Scs2p;
     YER121W; Yer121wp; GLO3; Glo3p; YCK3; Yck3p: Plasma membrane-bound
     casein kinase I homolog; YER124C; Yer124cp; RSP5; Rsp5p; YER126C;
     Yer126cp; YER127W; Yer127wp; YER128W; Yer128wp; PAK1; Pak1p: DNA
     polymerase alpha suppressing protein kinase; YER130C; Yer130cp; RPS26B;
     Rps26bp; SNR4; YER132C; Yer132cp; GLC7; Glc7p: protein phosphatase type
     1; tRNA-His; tRNA-Lys; YER134C; Yer134cp; YER135C; Yer135cp; tRNA-Val;
     GDI1; Gdi1p: secretory pathway GDP dissociation inhibitor; YER137C;
     Yer137cp; SCR1.

SCE9871     U18530 U00092    62643bp    DNA      PLN      14-SEP-2000
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome V cosmids 9871, 8199, 9867, 9495 and
     lambda clones 6693 and 5898.
    SPF1; P-type ATPase; YEL030W; Yel030wp; YEL029C; Yel029cp; YEL028W;
     Yel028wp; tRNA-Met; CUP5; Vacuolar ATP synthase 16 Kda proteolipid
     subunit; dicyclohexylcarbodiimide binding subunit; YEL026W; Yel026wp;
     YEL025C; Yel025cp; RIP1; Rieske iron-sulfur protein of mitochondrial
     Ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase; YEL023C; Yel023cp; YEL022W; Yel022wp;
     URA3; orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase; RPR1; RNase P RNA; YEL020C;
     Yel020cp; MMS21; Mms21p; YEL018W; Yel018wp; PMP2; Plasma membrane
     proteolipid protein; YEL017W; Yel017wp; YEL016C; Yel016cp; YEL015W;
     Yel015wp; YEL014C; Yel014cp; YEL013W; Yel013wp; tRNA-Gln; UBC8;
     Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme; GLC3; 1,4-alpha-glucan branching enzyme;
     tRNA-Lys; YEL010W; Yel010wp; SUP150; tRNA-Arg; GCN4; Transcriptional
     activator of amino acid biosynthetic genes; YEL008W; Yel008wp; YEL007W;
     Yel007wp; YEL006W; Yel006wp; YEL005C; Yel005cp; YEL004W; Yel004wp;
     YEL003W; Yel003wp; WBP1; oligosaccharyl transferase beta subunit;
     YEL001C; Yel001cp; CEN5.

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