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yst 2 hybrid: weird results

Zhonglin Chai Zhonglin.Chai at med.monash.edu.au
Tue Nov 28 21:03:59 EST 2000

Is there any chance that your "retesting" system makes the protein of the clone
lethally toxic that killed the host yeast cells? The expression level
difference (higher) may make an otherwise less toxic protein lethal to yeast.

Zhonglin Chai

Karen Roberts wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am sceening a mouse brain library for interaction with our bait.  For
> this particular clone (call it B60),I made the lysate, did pcr with AD
> plasmid primers to reveal an insert.  I then sequenced the pcr product.
> Next I made a miniprep of the clone and sequenced to confirm the same id
> as for the pcr product; same identity came up.
> NOw my problem, in retesting interaction b/t this clone and our related
> bait as well as unrelated baits, I can't get -LT txfmts and only a few
> -leu txfor.
> I cleaned up the miniprep; no differnce.  Next, I started from scratch
> and made a new lysate, did pcr, new miniprep, etc.
> I still don't get transformants.  I am doing the procedure right b/c my
> controls worked beautifully.  So it's something about this dna;any
> idea??
> Also, I sequenced this second B60 miniprep to test version 2 of big dye
> terminator kit. Thesequence data was beautiful but the blast search gave
> me a complete out of left field identity.  How can this be when it is
> the same clone as the origina B60?
> I feel like I have run out of ideas to make this work.  oh, I also
> repeated the transformations with double the dna as the first time;
> still next to no or no txfts.
> Can anyone help me?  I've only learnd about the yeast 2 hybrid system 6
> months ago so I am not by any means an expert
> Thanks
> Karen

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